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Crazy Time Game

Welcome to the exciting Crazy Time Live show official site with almost limitless multipliers! The game will definitely appeal to all lovers of real, live excitement and big winnings! You won’t be bored for a minute, and your first win will definitely not take long to arrive.

This article delves deep into the core of Crazy Time’s augmented reality. Unveiling the intricate gameplay rules, we meticulously analyze the advantages and potential drawbacks when compared to traditional slots.

What is Crazy Time?

Blending the excitement of a game show with the thrill of online gambling, Crazy Time offers an unparalleled gaming experience.

In Crazy Time Game you will find:

  1. A huge range of usual multipliers from x1 to x20,000;
  2. Exciting gameplay in a real studio with a live dealer;
  3. Exciting bonus rounds with unreal multipliers of 10,000x and even more;
  4. Interesting opportunities to win and much more!

Read the Crazy Time review to the end to understand how the game works and find out how to win a really big jackpot.

DeveloperEvolution GamingMin Bet$1
Min MultiplierMax Multiplerх20,000  
Release Year2020Max Bet$100-500
Free spinsDouble Bets
Online Chat+Autoplay+

At its heart lies a mesmerizing money wheel of luck, reminiscent of the renowned wheel of fortune and classic casino game. Picture a live dealer effortlessly spinning a towering wheel, divided into 54 intriguing sectors. Your mission? Predict the sector where the wheel will come to rest at the conclusion of its majestic rotation.

crazy time game online

Unlike traditional slots governed by computer algorithms, Crazy Time embraces the raw elements of chance and luck, immersing players in an authentic and suspenseful gameplay experience.

Crazy Time Game Rules

When you start the Crazy Time game on official site or in one of the online casinos, a screen opens in front of you into a colorful augumented reality studio, in the center of which there is a huge “Wheel of Fortune”. The wheel is rotated by a professional dealer who communicates with players in real time.

At first glance, the Crazy Time game algorithm is as simple as possible: the essence of the game is to place a bet and try to guess on which sector of the Dream Catcher money wheel the flapper will stop.

A player can make from 1 to 8 bets in each spin. Bet on symbols numbered 1, 2, 5, 10 and on the bonus games: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

Crazy time game vs slots

How to bet on Crazy Time

  1. Focus on large multipliers and expect big wins. However, you need to prepare for the fact that many spins will end in losses.
  2. Focus on bonus sectors. The probability of them appearing is lower, but the winnings will be many times greater. If the wheel stops on the bonus sector you bet on, you move on to the next round. We’ll talk more about them later.
  3. Spread out the bets. Bet on all sectors in each spin.

Interestingly, you can watch the game in real time without making bets. This is a great opportunity to understand the mechanics of the game. Once you’re ready, join the game and place your bet!

Also you can write in a live chat during the game – the dealer communicates with users in real time.

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Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune

Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune is the basis of is the game. It is located vertically and consists of 54 different sectors.

The Main Game sectors are divided into the following segments:

  • 21 sectors take a minimum multiplier of 1x. Accordingly, this sector appears more often than others. You won’t be able to make money in such sectors, but you won’t lose your deposit either.
  • 13 sectors take a bonus of 2x. Here you can double your bet with a high probability.
  • 7 sectors with an already impressive (for classic slots) coefficient of 5x. It is noteworthy that the probability of their loss is very high.
  • 4 sectors are occupied by a coefficient of 10x. Multiplying your bet by 10x in one spin is one of the most attractive features of Crazy Time.

The remaining 9 Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune slots are bonus games:

  1. Crazy Time – Mega bonus (occurs 1 time).
  2. Pachinco – 2 slots on the playing field.
  3. Coin Flip occurs 3 times on the reel.
  4. Cash Hunt – players choose their own multiplier (3 fields on the game reel).
Crazy time game main rules

Crazy Time Odds and Probabilities to Win

Any field of the Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune has the same chance of appearing in the drawing. Accordingly, the more slots on the Wheel a particular multiplier occupies, the higher the probability of its appearance.

We have prepared a table calculating the % probability of getting each of the game multipliers and bonus games.

Multipliers and Bonus MinigamesThe number on the WheelProbability of Occurrence (%)Number of Occurrences
x12138.939 times out of 100
x21324.124 times out of 100
x571313 times out of 100
x1047.47 times out of 100
Cash Hunt35.66 times out of 100
Pachinko23.74 times out of 100
Coin Flip35.66 times out of 100
Crazy Time11.92 times out of 100
  • 63 times out of 100 the x1 and x2 multipliers appear
  • Bonus games appear 21 times out of 100
  • Crazy Time is played 2 times out of 100 spins.

Thus, players should keep the above research in mind and use this data, when developing Crazy Time strategies.

Crazy Time Multipliers

An important element of the Crazy Time game are X Multipliers. This is a random bonus that is determined in each round. Above the main Wheel of Fortune there is a special board with two cells: one for the name of the sector, the other for the amount of the multiplier.

At the beginning of the round, a sector and a multiplier are displayed on the scoreboard, which is added to the value of the sector.

  • The minimum random multiplier is 1x,
  • Maximum – 500x.

It is noteworthy that the multiplier also applies to bonus sectors, taking into account all the prizes won in it. The most common multipliers are up to 7x – up to 20 times per 100 games.

Crazy Time Bonus Game Rounds

Crazy Time has 4 bonus games that can dramatically change the course of the game and bring multipliers of up to x20,000.


The name of Pachinko Crazy Time bonus game will seem very familiar for online casino veterans. And for good reason: the developers were inspired by the Plinko slot machine of the same name.

At the bottom of the playing field there are 16 different multipliers from x3 to x10,000. The croupier launches the ball, which rolls in a random order through obstacles. Whatever multiplier the ball lands on will be your prize.

Bewitchingly, the biggest reward is in the form of a staggering x10,000 multiplier.

Crazy Time Pachinko bonus game

For example, you made a bet of $10 on Pachinko and the multiplier was 700x in the draw. This means the winnings will be $7000!

Coin Flip

This is a win-win lottery with the simplest rules:

  1. At the beginning, the random number generator determines two coefficients
  2. The coin is colored in two colors that correspond to the multipliers
  3. A croupier tosses a coin
  4. Whichever color appears is your prize.

Let us emphasize once again: you get the winnings in any case. The only question is its size.

Coin Flip bonus game Crazy time

Cash Hunt

Everything depends on your intuition and accuracy in this game round. The croupier goes to a separate board, which shows a matrix of 9 x 12 cells. Next, the algorithm is extremely simple:

  1. Multipliers will appear in each cell. You need to watch them to assess your chances of winning.
  2. The multipliers will be replaced with funny icons and shuffled.
  3. You will need to “aim” the cannon at the one of the icons that seems most attractive to you.
  4. The icons will become coefficient numbers again and you will see which multiplier you hit.

It is noteworthy that most of the multipliers in “Cash Hunt” minigame are higher than 10x.

Cash Hunt bonus game Crazy Time

For example, you placed a bet on Cash Hunt in the amount of $25. If you hit the 25x multiplier, the final winnings will be $625.

odds to win Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Crazy Time bonus game is the rarest and the most impressive. In our experience, this game hits 2 times out of 100.

If you placed a bonus on Crazy Time and it came out, you and the croupier go to a separate studio in which a huge Wheel of Fortune is installed. Here you need to select not a sector, but the color of the arrow (green, blue or yellow).

The croupier spins the wheel, after which two options are possible:

  1. The arrow will stop at a certain multiplier and you will immediately receive your prize.
  2. The arrow will stop at the doubling sector and you will receive an additional spin with a double chance.

This extraordinary bonus game holds the potential for astronomical rewards, with a maximum bonus multiplier of x20,000 awaiting the fortunate few.

Crazy Time bonus Game

The Other Features of Crazy Time

Crazy time gameplay features

Beyond its enthralling gameplay and riveting bonus rounds, Crazy Time roulette bestows an array of additional features that elevate the overall journey:

Live Chat

You can communicate with other players directly during the game. Also you can ask for advice or share experiences and emotions with other participants on Crazy Time reviews page..

Auto Play

Some online casinos grant players the convenience of an auto-play mode for Crazy Time. This option enables you to pre-set your bets and allow the game to automatically unfold for a designated number of rounds. Ideal for those seeking a more hands-off approach.

Live Stats

Crazy Time live statistics present a comprehensive history of previously 26 played sectors. Unleash your analytical skills, track patterns, and make informed betting decisions to tip the scales of fortune in your favor to make the right deal.

Crazy Time multiplier

Crazy Time Demo Play: How to Play for Free

While Crazy Time does not offer a free play or demo version, allowing players to familiarize themselves with its mechanics and dynamics, fear not, for there are alternative avenues to ignite the flames of knowledge.

Many online casinos provide the opportunity to observe Crazy Time without betting, granting a front-row seat to the exhilarating gameplay. Some casinos offer to play demo only after downloading Crazy Time Apk. Delve into the rules, soak up the atmosphere, and unravel the intricacies before delving into the realm of real-money gameplay.

How to Start Playing Crazy Time

If you have already understood the rules and features of the game, then you can start making real bets. To start playing you need to have a personal account in an online casino and make a deposit. We have compiled detailed instructions for you on how to play Crazy Time for money.

  1. Choose a reliable online casino: check the license, player reviews and how to make a deposit and withdraw money.
  2. Complete registration and verification. It is important to fill out all fields correctly so that there are no problems when withdrawing your winnings.
  3. Deposit your game account. The minimum deposit varies everywhere, but usually does not exceed 10 usd. Don’t forget about Crazy Time promo codes: they can bring you nice bonuses.
  4. Find Crazy Time through the site search or navigation. Usually the game is located in the live casino section.
  5. Join the game and place your first bet!
  6. When a sufficient amount has accumulated on your deposit, you can withdraw money to your real account. At this stage, the casino may request additional verification. It is needed for your own safety.

You can find a casino list with Crazy Time game at the end of the article.

Where to Play Crazy Time: a Casino List

The Crazy Time slot can be found in almost every online casino that supports Live games. However, not every casino can be trusted. When choosing which sites to play on, pay attention only to trusted sites with good reviews and a reliable reputation, so as not to become a victim of scammers and not think that the game is a scam.

Here goes a list of reputable and licensed casino for 2024:

Some Final Words

Crazy Time is great entertainment for all lovers of excitement. To understand the rules, just watch a couple of rounds in real time.

However, we must not forget that online casinos are not about making money, but about entertainment. Choose from reputable online casinos that are acknowledged by the AGSS Gambling commission. Play carefully and then Crazy Time is guaranteed to bring you only positive emotions!

Crazy Time demo play

Place your bets with calculatedz precision, and prepare to spin the wheel of fortune in this enthralling game. Good luck awaits, and may the whirlwind of Crazy Time bring you abundant winnings and endless thrills!


What is the Crazy Time minimum bid?

Minimum bid is 1 USD, however it may vry from one casino to another/ o find the current minimum bet for Crazy Time, you would need to check with the specific online casino or gambling platform where you plan to play the game.

Is there a live chat in the Crazy Time online game?

Crazy Time features a live chat where players can interact with each other and the game host in real time. This adds to the immersive experience of the game.

Where Can I Play Crazy Time?

“Crazy Time” can be played on the official website, Crazy Time Casino. Additionally, it’s available on other platforms like Betway, Hollywoodbets, Slots Palace, Casino Extra, Cresus Casino, Casinozer, MyStake, Tortuga.

How to play Crazy Time casino?

One of the best ways to understand the rules of Crazy Time is to watch videos on how to play “Crazy Time” on YouTube.

Is there an Autoplay mode in Crazy Time?

The Autoplay mode allows to repeat your selected bet or bets for a certain number of game rounds. To activate Autoplay, simply place your bets in the betting grid and click the “Autoplay” button.

What is the RTP for Crazy Time?

While the RTP for each mini-game within Crazy Time may exhibit slight variations, the overall RTP for the game typically hovers around 95.50%

What is the maximum win playing Crazy Time Live?

The maximum win in Crazy Time possible in a single spin is €500,000. Crazy Time game has an average RTP of 95.50% and a maximum available win of 25,000 x stake. 

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